We need your Help

Kinross Curling have launched an updated website today but we need your help to fill in all the details.

We need to add pages for youth curling, visually impaired and wheelchair curling, and lots of other things, but these will come in time with the help of our curlers. If you can help with any of this please get in touch on the new office email address, office@kinrosscurling.co.uk.

Also, please let us know if something is wrong or not working so that we can correct it.

We are looking at getting the available ice back onto the website to help if you want to book practice ice or rearrange a game. The booking information just now is not in a form we can use but we are trying to address this.

With everyone’s help we can make this the useful resource that our curlers need, and where prospective curlers can find the information that inspires them to come and try our sport.


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