Please write to your MSP

The board are trying to get the Scottish government to change the rules for curling in level 3. This started with a meeting with Bruce Crawford, CEO of Scottish Curling, after which Bruce confirmed his support for the initiative and undertook to write to SportScotland on the behalf of curling. You may have seen some results of this on social media where some of our elite curlers spoke out in support of the sport at this time.

There are 2 key restrictions that caused us to have to close when we entered level 3:

  • The 6 people from 2 households rule – given our curlers adhere to socially distancing rules both on and off the ice why does this apply to curling?
  • Travel to other areas is restricted to necessary journeys only – this is particularly difficult given Kinross Ice rink resides in Perth & Kinross while over half of our curlers reside in Fife or other areas.  There are also not many curling rinks in Scotland despite it being our National Sport.  Could curlers be allowed to travel to and from their rinks, or allowed to travel a certain distance?

Curling does not have a direct link to the Scottish Government; any representations that Scottish Curling make need to be made via SportScotland and we are concerned that curling’s voice is not being be properly heard.  To address this, the Board wrote to all the MSP’s asking for their support. Unfortunately, most of these emails were blocked as MSP’s only accepts email from constituents. Several other curlers have now emailed their own MSPs, but it would help if all our curlers could write to their MSP and ask them to support curling.

There are links below to Bruce Crawford’s letter to Sport Scotland, and a letter from Mike Ferguson, chairman of the Scottish Ice Rinks association, to Joe Fitzpatrick, Minister for Sport.

There are also 2 versions of an email you could use. Please use them but make it fit your own circumstances. The more people who raise this, the more likely we will get noticed.

The ski resorts are currently trying to get an exemption for travel so we are not the only ones asking for this.

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