Fresh Air

Everyone knows how important fresh air is in controlling the spread of coronavirus. What you may not know is how much fresh air there is in the curling rink when you are playing.

In the new Covid regime, the recommended ventilation rate for the ice rink is 8 litres of fresh air per second for each person present. Before the ice rink reopened a fan was fitted to the ventilation system to increase the throughput and the system more than meets the requirements now. You can see the figures in the picture at the bottom which are taken from a report on the system.

This may have an effect on the ice, and will increase the costs, but it is necessary to keep the curlers as safe as possible.

Also, the filters now fitted to the dehumidifier will block covid particles so that they are not recycled.

One curler said that she wished she had known this sooner as it would have helped her not to worry about returning.

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