Curlers should follow the relevant rules from the government, Scottish Curling and Kinross Curling. At the bottom of this page are links to various documents that will provide full details of these guidelines and how they will be implemented in Kinross, but the main details are summarised below.

The Board wishes to point out to all curlers that the Scottish Government clarified on 1/11/2020 that travelling from a tier 3 area to curl is not an allowed exemption from the latest Covid travel restrictions. We appreciate this will be disappointing to some but adherence to this is not negotiable and we would ask  curlers to adhere to this. The ice rink will assist in rearranging ice to a later date.

You can watch the Scottish Curling Return to Curling video which tries to show what it might be like and the Kinross Return to Curling video which takes you on walkthrough of the rink under the new system.


  • No food or drink will be available.
  • No spectators are allowed.
  • Face masks are not required while curling but should be worn at all other times while in the building unless there is a medical reason not to.
  • The changing rooms will not be available for changing. Please come ready to curl apart from changing your shoes, which will be done upstairs.
  • The toilets will be available.
  • There is a one-way system in operation. The stairs near the entrance door are UP ONLY and the stairs at the far end of the bar are DOWN ONLY.
  • The session start times will be 9:30am, 12:15pm, 3:00pm, 5:45pm and 8:30pm on all days.
  • Paying for ice at the rink is discouraged. Curlers are asked to prepay as far as possible. Details of the bank account are available on request so that games can be paid by internet banking. It will be possible to pay at the rink but this will happen during your game as there are no available staff between games. Card payments preferred, cash will be accepted but no change will be given.

Before Curling

Please do not come to the rink if you are not feeling well. Most clubs, and the KCT competitions, have suspended penalty points whilst the coronavirus restrictions are in place, so that their team are not disadvantaged. Please do not abuse this.

Curlers should arrive no more than 15 minutes before the start of their session and should sanitise their hands on entry. They then head into the bar area and to the designated area for their sheet to change their shoes and wait for the bell before heading down the back stairs and onto the ice.

During Curling

The scoreboards will not be used, and one person should be assigned the job of completing the scorecard. At the end the skips should check the card before asking the scribe to sign it for them.

To maintain physical distancing, there will be some restrictions to sweeping:

  • Only one player from the throwing team is permitted to sweep during each shot, with the other players standing to the side of the sheet.
  • The sweeper should maintain a distance of two metres from the thrower.
  • Players in charge of the head should remain behind the hack when it is not their turn and should not move forward to sweep any stones.
  • No player should sweep any stone during the opposition’s turn.

In practice, this means that the person in the head does not sweep any stones. The person who has swept the stone all the way up may continue to sweep anything necessary until the shot is finished. They may sweep behind the tee line and they may sweep an opposition stone that has been hit. This is a recent change to the original Scottish Curling guidelines.

There will be a bell at 1 hour 45 minutes (equivalent to our current bell at 1 hour 50 minutes). Any ends already in play will be allowed to continue until a second bell at 1 hour 55 minutes. At this point any stone already in play will be allowed to finish. Then, if one team has then played more stones than the other team one more stone may be delivered so that both teams have played the same number of stones. No more stones may be delivered and the score for the final end is recorded at this point.

After Curling

Curlers must go back upstairs via the front stairs (one way system).

After changing your shoes, leave the building as soon as possible by going down the back stairs.

Test & Protect

It must be possible to provide the names of everyone curling at each session in case this is needed by Test & Protect. This will be implemented in Kinross in the following way:

If your club has a covid officer then you will not need to register at the rink to play your club games. However, if you are playing in games outside of the club, such as the Sunday League, then a registration form must be completed unless one of the team is a club covid officer and has already registered with the rink covid officer to cover those games. Registration forms are per team or per match. Forms will be available at the rink or can be downloaded from the link below. They can be handed in during the game or emailed in advance to

Club and team covid officers must keep accurate record of who played in all the games they are responsible for in case contacted by Test & Protect.

Below you can read the Kinross Curling, Scottish Curling and Sport Scotland documents. You can also download the covid registration form as a Word document for completing on your computer and emailing in to the rink, or you can print the form and fill it in and hand in during your game. Forms will also be available at the rink.


Scottish Government advice

Scottish Curling Guidelines

Sport Scotland Covid Officer Role

Kinross Return to Curling video

Scottish Curling Return to Curling video

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