KCT League & Competition Rules

The rules below cover the following leagues and competitions:

  • KCT League
  • Sunday League
  • Mixed League
  • Ladies Superleague
  • John Stewart Double Rink Knockout

Some of the rules have been modified this season because of coronavirus and the extra restrictions this imposed, and other have been relaxed due to a reduced number of players.

All Leagues & Competitions

  • 8 ends or the bell at 1 hour 45 minutes. A second bell will go at 1 hour 55
    minutes. At this point any stone in play is allowed to finish, and if an odd
    number of stones have been played, one more stone may be delivered so that
    both teams have played the same number of stones. The end will then be
    scored as it stands, even if not completed.
  • Unlimited subs are allowed.
  • For leagues – 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, ends, shots up, then total
    shots to decide ranking.
  • For leagues, if relevant – at the end of the season the top 2 teams or clubs will
    be promoted and the bottom 2 will be demoted.
  • Score cards must be correctly completed, checked and signed.
  • No penalty points for late or absent players will be applied.

KCT League

  • Any 4 curlers from the same club.

KCT Sunday League

  • Any 4 curlers.

KCT Mixed League

  • Any 2 ladies and 2 men playing alternate.

KCT Ladies Superleague

  • Any 4 lady curlers

John Stewart Double Rink Knock Out Competition

  • Any 8 curlers from the same club.
  • The aggregate score will determine which club progresses to the next round.
  • If scores are tied, ends won will determine the winner. If ends won are the same, then one player from each club will draw the shot.
  • Draw dates and times shall be strictly adhered to.
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